• simone

My Heart Is Racing

We have dipped in the D/s scene a before and played with light bondage and spanking before, but this has been lmited to the bedroom only.

Just a few weeks ago, I received a message from Sir that I laid out a number of rules that clearly indicate he is ready to take more of me and please him outside the bedroom. He told me I am to call him Sir, Master, or Daddy and that he wants me to be ready for him at any given time. To open my mouth for him, to spread my legs for him, to receive his cum in me and on me... whenever he wants and wherever he wants.

He told me to refer to myself as whore, slut or cunt from now on. I am to wear short sexy skirts, stockings, and shirts that show a good amount of cleavage at all times. Panties are optional and he told me he will leave that up to me, so he can be surprised.

The rules he gave me (initially), are to behave in a classy, elegant, and soft spoken manner. I am to keep our home organized and must be mindful of cleaning up after myself. All clothing that I want to buy will be approved by him, or he buys it for me. I am to pour his drink, light his cigarette for him, sit at his feet, and sleeping will be naked or wearing a see-thru. When I go out or to work, I am to wear one of the chokers he bought for me at all times.

This is the start of my journey with Him together into this lifestyle, and the thought of being His submissive and please him in any way he wants me to, makes my heart race and my pussy drip.



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