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Food Fantasies

Part of the excitement of entering into a relationship is uncovering the desires of your new partner. Invariably, the question of "do you have any fantasies?" always finds its way into the conversation.

My Master had a plethora of dirty deeds on his sexual bucket list, and He shared many of them with me initially; many others I discovered over time. When it was time for me to share, I was flummoxed. I love sex and have watched my share of porn over the years, so it wasn't like I was a prude. There are some types of porn that "flip my switch" more than others to be sure. I just didn't have a specific scene in my head that was on my personal dirty deeds bucket list.

After some reflection, my mind wandered to what I remember thinking was the most erotic thing I had ever seen on film: the kitchen scene from 9 1/2 weeks. Kim Basinger sitting on the floor in a white robe and socks, eyes closed with her outstretched tongue unsure of what to expect from her new lover Mickey Rourke. He teases her slowly and thoughtfully with everything he can find in the refrigerator, from sugar-sweet maraschino cherries to tongue-scorching jalapeños. The scene is sensual but at the same time playful. So I knew THIS was my bucket list wish.

Thankfully, I have a Master that is as loving as He is firm. One night a few weeks into our first meeting, He made my fantasy a reality on the floor of His kitchen which included not only the jalapeño and the milk bath that followed, but also the sweet sticky honey. I was a hot, dripping mess. And the sex that followed was truly amazing. We have since used food in our sex play over the years, but that was a tough act to follow.

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